What I saw at the Fair

A review of Dierks Bentley by Chris Jacob


Dierks Bentley 2I grew up in the shadows of the Big Apple where Bruce Springsteen and Biggie Smalls filled local radio waves. Moving up north five years ago diversified my music selection. Bruce and Biggie remain on my iTunes top 25, and country and folk artists have slowly made their way onto the same playlist.  Last Friday I attended my first country concert: Dierks Bentley at the Champlain Valley Fair.  Not to my surprise, the crowd was a sea of camouflage clothes and cowboy hats.  The line for beer was long and full of rambunctious adults while a cloud of cigarette smoke loomed overhead.  With rain came mud; and then came muddy slip-and-slides down the aisles for those who dared.

Dierks Bentley at the Champlain Valley Fair met all of my expectations for my first country concert. Dierks’ return to Vermont – his home state – was a welcome back party for the ages.

Chris Jacob works for The Essex Reporter/The Colchester Sun and the Champlain Valley Newspaper Group.