Belated bike racks


Two Vermont artists have been selected to have their personally designed bike racks installed in Colchester. However, the original timeline has been delayed.

“We’ve never done anything like this before,” said Colchester Parks and Recreation Director Glen Cuttitta, who has taken charge of the project. “There are little kinks we have to work out.”

A Town of Colchester committee selected bike rack designs in January to be voted on at the Colchester Winter Carnival by the community. On Feb. 6 and 7 Colchester residents completed ballots and the winners of the contest were notified on Feb. 13.

The Artist Agreement Forms had an anticipated execution date of Feb. 27, but as of press time these forms had not been signed.

Cuttitta said the legal aspects of the contest have delayed the process. The original timeline stated that the Town of Colchester would publicize the winners of the contest on March 6, the deadline for the delivery of the completed racks was June 1 and the installation of the racks was planned to finish on July 1.

Cuttitta reported this week that the installation date for three bike racks has been pushed to Sept. 1.

As of March 24, there was a verbal confirmation that two of the bike racks – created by the same artist – would be completed.

Cuttitta expects the paperwork to be completed by the end of the week. At that time, the Town of Colchester will be able to publicize the artists’ names.

— Joe Cardello